My program for the 2018 elections

Ladies and gentlemen, 

Dear friends, 

I send you this letter to announce that I will be on the 4thposition on the list "Open MR" for the municipal elections of October 14, 2018. I hope I can count on your trust during this vote, to continue for six new years my constructive and determined action within our municipality council.


At the bottom of me, I feel politic as a vocation. I have always considered political commitment as the best way to help people and serve society.


Belgian democracy sometimes suffers from a lack of vision. Competence is essential but it is not enough. We need to reconnect with a long-term political project that begins with a clear analysis of our present to better anticipate our future.


I want to mark a break. I will therefore not limit myself in this letter to local issues, but to share with you my vision, still under construction, for our municipality, our region and our country within the European Union.


I hope we can discuss it when I come to meet you in the municipality!


I believe:


  • In truth and courage in politic always at the service of the general interest;

  • In gathering of talents and wills to carry projects, which refers to our national motto: "Unity is strength";

  • In a public policy rooted in a history, a culture and a geography that bring us together;

  • In freedom, responsibility, effort and merit;

  • In self-giving, in free investment for others and in causes that go beyond us.


My fights for Europe, our continent, and Belgium, our country:


  • A united Belgium and an efficient European Union close to the citizens;

  • A citizenship based on a common base of values ​​stemming from our identity and our heritage;

  • A school of transmission of knowledge and skills that allows equal opportunities. A multilingual school that rewards effort and guarantees parents' freedom of choice and institutional autonomy;

  • A decrease in taxation for the benefit of our middle class;

  • A generous but controlled social security, which comes first and foremost to help the wounded in life;

  • Good governance and transparency in the management of public funds;

  • Technical progress that must comply with humanistic, bioethical and environmental imperatives;

  • Local and ethical production that promotes our economy and cares about our environment;

  • An air of quality, the preservation of our landscapes and our biodiversity.


My fights for Brussels, our city:


  • In Brussels we work- Defend our local stores that create an essential social link; Promote our businesses, engines of our economy and the employment of people from Brussels in these companies;


  • In Brussels we move- Unblock Brussels by the immediate start of a metro network worthy of the name (inspired by the public-private partnership that allowed to build in Madrid 55 stations in 5 years) and reinforcement of a network of safe cycle lanes;


  • In Brussels we live- Stop overflight of densely populated areas under the 01/19 corridor and placement of an instrument landing system on runway 07; truck prohibition in the first ring and, on Sundays, on motorways (as in our neighboring countries);


  • Brussels, my dear- Protecting what remains of our magnificent architectural heritage, one of Brussels' major tourist attractions;


  • Brussels, you love it: Fight against islamism that indoctrinates some young people, in particular by the introduction of a demanding and obligatory course of integration but also by the improvement of the quality of life in the sensitive districts.


My fights for Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, our municipality:


  • Conviviality and security: Create, in connection with the inhabitants, new "Local Partnerships for Prevention" in order to create more social ties and guarantee security;

  • Good governance: Maintain the list of remunerations of all municipal mandates on the site of the municipality;

  • Local commerce: Support local trade and recreate a relationship of trust with traders;

  • Planes: Fight against noise nuisance by requiring a decrease in the number of flights over our municipality as currently promoted by François Bellot, Federal Minister MR of Mobility; defend the extension of the "night period" from 10 pm to 7 am, during which any overflight of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre would be prohibited;

  • Field called “Les Dames Blanches”: To vigorously defend the field and the quality of life of local residents against the massive and irresponsible urbanization project of the municipal majority (cdH - Défi - Ecolo) and the Brussels cdH (Céline Frémault, Minister of Housing);

  • Deteriorations: Create a municipality rapid intervention cell to eradicate tags and other incivilities, reachable by a unique number;

  • Incivilities: Allow the peacekeepers to become sanctioning agents, that is to say, allow them, following a training, to note incivilities constituting offenses and punish them;

  • Employment: Promote initiatives such as "DUO for a JOB" to encourage experienced senior citizens (50+) to provide jobseekers with advice and to help them enter the labor market;

  • Seniors: Improve the quality of life of seniors by creating a "Club 65" that would be a place of conviviality, animation, hospitality and information;

  • Home care: Consolidate all home care and assistance services into a one-stop-shop: nursing care, remote alarms, meal deliveries, transportation, help with administrative procedures, etc.;

  • Mobility: Promote the use of bicycles by establishing a real network of continuous, secure and marked cycle paths;


These are the convictions and the battles that underpin my commitment! I hope I can count on you to enrich them and your support to carry them together in the future.


I beg you to believe, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, in my complete devotion.




Aymeric de Lamotte

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